I know it’s not like me to write so soon, but my mind is in a whirl.

Ever find it fascinating when you think of someone and they call?  Or how about when you get lost and a week later end up in that location again due to a completely unrelated reason but purposed intention, and know where you are all too well because you were lost there recently?

Ever listen to a soundtrack to a film in your car, and then ironically meet the lead actor of the film, who ends up walking you to your car later that night but you refuse to turn your car on so the music stays off so they don’t think you stalked them?  hahaha

I’ll throw one more out there, ever buy a movie one week and then meet one of the main actors in it the next?  Hmmmm yes?  No?  Please tell me one of you readers can relate to at least one example?

Well, I can relate to all of the above.  One happened to be today.  I love movies.  If I could, I would buy many more than I already do.  I try to control which ones I purchase, but usually it’s because I thoroughly enjoy the movie and I can watch it many times over and it just makes sense to own it.  I’m sure you have that special film or scene that you’ll just never forget and never tire of watching.  Well, one of my recent buys was In Time.  That movie had the incredible potential to flop terribly and yet, I feel it succeeded on all levels for me.  The story was inventive and complex and yet it flowed and the editing allowed for it to come together and make sense; a beautiful marriage of an interesting storyline and visual experience.  I loved the music and I loved the lesson.  Plus, I can’t leave out how much I enjoyed the cars and the interpretation of the Ghetto with the money floating in the streets; hats off to famed cinematographer, Roger Deakin’s re-imagination of what life would be like if time was money.

How does all of this relate?  Well, today I met the In Time lead bad-guy ‘Minuteman,’ Alex Pettyfer.  Surprise!  Not the big finale you were counting on?  Well, the irony in it for me was…drum roll…I just bought the movie and was just discussing it a few hours earlier when, poof Alex appeared randomly in public.  So, who knows?  Coincidence?  Your guess is as good as mine.

Napoleon is quoted to have discussed Kings & Pawns, and I’ll end this with referencing Kings and Aces.  Say you play Black Jack, and gamble on that feeling that the next two cards in the deck were a King and an Ace and your lady luck shines that one unforgettable game when the King and Ace show their face and 21 wins the night.  I do recognize there is a science to a lot of it.  However, I also look at these little sweet “coincidences and the unexplained” as those individual moments that you can call all your own and sometimes you just have to leave it to a chuckle because it just makes life more interesting and fun.  Kings & Aces, a Chuckle & a Smile.  Goodnight. xo