A Gentleman


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I realize I haven’t written in a while and I think life’s roller coaster just took me for a little ride, but now I’m back.  Hello again…

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been so impressed in the amount of Gentlemen I have met.  There was a part of me that thought it was a forgotten art.  However, I must say I’ve been pleasantly surprised to discover that this is not the case.

A Gentle Man is a simple way to put it.   Humble and yet strong, classy & stylish.  Some of the men that come to mind in Hollywood by definition, would be the infamous James Bond.









and Rhett Butler or Cary Grant


or Marlon Brando & Bogart


and the unforgettable Paul Newman


There is even a music style (although I admit I may be partial to it) that sets a tone for the desire to be a gentleman and again it’s the classics, jazz & soul.  Just to name a few, Frank Sinatra






Miles Davis







Harry Connick, Jr.










I feel that even Mozart and a dash of Beethoven can leave me speechless in the right company.

These men and characters are timeless, and why?  They are Gentlemen to the core.  They’re charisma and charm parallel their style & class.  There is a love for family and good manners.  Lately, my door has been held for me, my dinner was ordered for me, and one gentleman wouldn’t even allow me to walk on the outside of the sidewalk.  Ahhh so refreshing!  The sad truth is I don’t expect it anymore.   An educated man with manners in well thought-out attire wearing fabulous cologne seems like too much to ask for.  Where did they all go?  Well lately, they seem to be popping up.  Thank goodness!

I noticed even Banana Republic seems to exemplify the quintessential Gentlemen with their latest collection themed off the show “Mad Men,” providing a very tailored look.

It is my sincere hope that the gentleman on the rise is not just a fad or a trend, but something that lasts and men aspire to be.  Ladies beware!  There are fakes, so put it to the test.  A true gentleman will outshine the others and his qualities will not seem like work, but a way of life that he takes pride in being and doing.  Also, remember money can not buy class and although, by definition a Gentleman was also considered a station in life, I feel like the modern day classy Gentleman may very well not have come from an expected social position but simply taught well.












I feel men should pay homage to the art and the Gentlemen that came before them.  Have pride in it.  Why you ask?  Men, just don’t play the Ace when you can win the King and because she’s worth it!

Oh and I’ll take that shaken not stirred.  Salud…xo


Woman & Machine


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It’s Easter and a beautiful day in Los Angeles.  I managed to get a chocolate bunny and a chocolate egg but this is the first year I did not get an Easter basket.  Probably a good thing since I love chocolate and I have a hard time passing it up, but Mom and Dad, where was the Easter basket love this year?

Since the weather today was amazing there were tons of beautiful cars out and I decided they were more enjoyable than colored eggs in a basket anyhoo.   I took some pics of my favorites to share.  A lot of my friends know about my love for cars and speed, but I truly appreciate the design of a beautiful car; classic or current.

So, my number one car smile for this Easter weekend was a classic Shelby Cobra…

This v8 beauty with it’s chrome roll bars and wood steering wheel insisted on a double take.  Sighhhh…….I’m curious if this one is a British kit, but I have heard rumors of up to 800 horsepower in only a hand full of the Shelby Snake.  I doubt this is one of them, but I was still impressed.









My next favorite car smile was a 458 White Ferrari Italia…

I happen to know the owner of this car and I have to mention what an amazing job he did with a few custom ideas for this car.  I love that he chose to paint the roof black and tied it in with the custom matte black rims and white calibers, which compliment the color of the car.  It’s just beautiful and clean and really stands out amongst her fellow 458 Italias.








Then followed this beauty…..a 458 Ferrari Spider.  It’s a tough toss-up, but I think I am still in love with the white one above.  What do you think?  I know for me, I would prefer an Aston in the background over this black beauty….sorry, just being honest.






There were so many special cars out today on the road it was like trying to choose your favorite candy in the Easter basket and being overwhelmed by your options.  Simple joys…

Can you figure out this one?  I actually had to look it up.

It’s called a Mosler…..super light, and STUPID FAST.

This Easter Egg won my “best in show.”  I see this Rolls often just hanging out.

Here is a shout out to the Porsche of the day … it may be green, but I’d let him play in my sandbox!

I was going through some old racing pictures and I found one from a day on the Universal back lot.  It is my favorite in-line 6 perfection, the Supra.  I have been blessed to own two if these amazing machines and I miss having one all the time.  It was so much fun to drive and work on.  It screamed for more power and it’s engine was bullet proof.  It was truly a love affair in my humble garage.

Easter for me is so refreshing.  It represents different things, but it consistently reminds me every year that each day is a fresh start and a new opportunity.  Spring is in the air (I know the cherry blossoms are blooming right now on my parents street) and it is the season of new birth.  It’s a spiritual energy jumpstart day.  I guess this year my energy just included an extra dose of octane.  Happy Trails and Happy Easter!

Kings and Aces



I know it’s not like me to write so soon, but my mind is in a whirl.

Ever find it fascinating when you think of someone and they call?  Or how about when you get lost and a week later end up in that location again due to a completely unrelated reason but purposed intention, and know where you are all too well because you were lost there recently?

Ever listen to a soundtrack to a film in your car, and then ironically meet the lead actor of the film, who ends up walking you to your car later that night but you refuse to turn your car on so the music stays off so they don’t think you stalked them?  hahaha

I’ll throw one more out there, ever buy a movie one week and then meet one of the main actors in it the next?  Hmmmm yes?  No?  Please tell me one of you readers can relate to at least one example?

Well, I can relate to all of the above.  One happened to be today.  I love movies.  If I could, I would buy many more than I already do.  I try to control which ones I purchase, but usually it’s because I thoroughly enjoy the movie and I can watch it many times over and it just makes sense to own it.  I’m sure you have that special film or scene that you’ll just never forget and never tire of watching.  Well, one of my recent buys was In Time.  That movie had the incredible potential to flop terribly and yet, I feel it succeeded on all levels for me.  The story was inventive and complex and yet it flowed and the editing allowed for it to come together and make sense; a beautiful marriage of an interesting storyline and visual experience.  I loved the music and I loved the lesson.  Plus, I can’t leave out how much I enjoyed the cars and the interpretation of the Ghetto with the money floating in the streets; hats off to famed cinematographer, Roger Deakin’s re-imagination of what life would be like if time was money.

How does all of this relate?  Well, today I met the In Time lead bad-guy ‘Minuteman,’ Alex Pettyfer.  Surprise!  Not the big finale you were counting on?  Well, the irony in it for me was…drum roll…I just bought the movie and was just discussing it a few hours earlier when, poof Alex appeared randomly in public.  So, who knows?  Coincidence?  Your guess is as good as mine.

Napoleon is quoted to have discussed Kings & Pawns, and I’ll end this with referencing Kings and Aces.  Say you play Black Jack, and gamble on that feeling that the next two cards in the deck were a King and an Ace and your lady luck shines that one unforgettable game when the King and Ace show their face and 21 wins the night.  I do recognize there is a science to a lot of it.  However, I also look at these little sweet “coincidences and the unexplained” as those individual moments that you can call all your own and sometimes you just have to leave it to a chuckle because it just makes life more interesting and fun.  Kings & Aces, a Chuckle & a Smile.  Goodnight. xo

When Your Heart Smiles

I wanted 2012 to be a year I gave more.  I have always supported environmental causes / organizations, but this was a year I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and give in areas that have always tugged at my heart in a different way.  My first chance was just a couple days ago, when I was able to volunteer with CAST LA (Coalition Against Slavery & Trafficking http://www.castla.org/ ).  My beautiful friend, Brooke, has always been involved in these efforts in one way or another, and I was so blessed by her reaching out and asking if I’d like to volunteer.  The undisclosed location of where to meet was my first reminder of the serious fight and issues that CAST LA and other organizations like it face.  Right away I felt myself getting defensive.  These victims desperately need our help.

Another group that had made great strides in the fight against trafficking is People for Children, http://rickymartinfoundation.org/peopleforchildren.html started by Ricky Martin in 2004.  I have always admired the time and attention he gives to this global fight.

There are many reasons why I feel this cause is so important, but I can only imagine… when the depth of a soul cries out to be saved…  So my freedom, is also, my responsibility.

My other heart tug are children with special needs.  Time will tell where it takes me….but I already have a few ideas in mind.

“You is kind. You is smart. You is important.” ~ Kathryn StockettThe Help

Weddings, Sports, Birthdays, & Fashion


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All in a weekend……..I’m up late waiting on my laundry to finish, and so I thought I’d share with you my recent weekend adventures.  It all started with a bachelorette party on Friday night for my friend Jacqui.  I don’t think I am allowed to share much of what went down that night, but I can tell you it was memorable and I’m laughing at the memory of it as I write this.

Saturday was exciting because I saw my first professional soccer game; Mexico vs Canada.  I was so lucky to watch from the owner’s box and take it all in.  I met the owner’s of the Chivas (Mexico) last year and was thrilled to get the invite to come and see their game in Los Angeles.  Of course LA had crazy wind and rain that night (which almost never happens) but I think everyone still had a great time.  I know I did!

Sunday was special.  I went to a 3 year old’s birthday party for a little boy named Sawyer.  I was surrounded by little tinys running around and playing and struggling with the idea of sharing toys.  It was hilarious!!  I met one little boy named Jonah (aka, Jonah Bear) who’s hello hug started with a cough in my face but who proceeded to be a complete gentleman at age 3 and excused himself and then hugged me saying “nice to meet you.”  What can I say to that?  Adorable!

Sunday night, however, was the whip cream on my sundae!  Fashion Week LA!  It was the last night and ohh what to wear?  Los Angeles was still raging with wind & rain, and so what to wear took way too much time.  I settled on something I ended up loving.  I went vintage.  I purchased a pair of 1940 aviator sunglasses at a Vintage Fashion event in Santa Monica last year and so they became my starting point.  My 2011 trip to South Africa was on my mind and I think it’s memories found their way into my outfit for the night.  I found a jacket from Banana Republic that I love; lined with silk and fabulous crest buttons, and the outfit grew from there.  I must have been in a “finely taylored” type of mood.  Topped it off with a small vintage Celine bag I rarely get to use, and waalaa!

My weekend was extended into Monday because of the wedding of my friends, Wesley & Jacqui.  It was a beautiful day filled with love & new memories.  It reminded me that love has many definitions, but when it comes to relationships, it’s success has a lot to do with giving and forgiving.  A giving love will come full circle.  Simple & sweet, really…goodnight.

Where to begin?

Well, hello there…I must say I am quite excited to start this blog site.  I’ve been asked on numerous occasions to do this and I decided in 2012 that it was time to start.  Apparently, I live a very interesting and unique life, experiencing things that are not of the every day & more often than most, and, have acquired the titles/phrases such as, “it’s a Katie-ism,” or “of course, it happened to Katie.”  So, who knows…I’m extremely curious to hear what you all have to think about my journey thus far, and what lies ahead.  Thank you!  Yay!

“Never Stop Living!  Dream, Seek, & Breathe It!” ~ Me